DAM Champ: Laura Fu

DAM champ: Someone who supports finding, setting up, or maintaining a digital asset management system (DAM). There is a big variety of DAM champions, who come from positions in production, creative, management, IT, and marketing.

Laura Fu digital asset managementDAM champ Laura Fu is new to a position a Brandobility, where she helps brands organize content and implement DAM systems. She’s not new to DAM, with experience as a news archivist and video asset manager.

For more about Fu and her work, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Can you talk more about your work with digital asset management (DAM)?

I’m in a brand new role at Brandobility, the new division of NAPC. We focus on helping brands organize and streamline their brand content through a single, central portal.  Much of my role at this point involves identifying best practices and creating documentation and procedures.

The bulk of my role is in implementation. That includes meeting with the client, getting to understand their content and needs, and translating that into a custom portal. Beyond deployment, I act as a customer success manager, assisting with any questions or requests on their environment.

Why is digital asset management is important?

Information governance. It’s not until someone cannot find an image or logo, or when a team has to repurchase something they know exists somewhere in their organization that a stable DAM is appreciated.

Companies amass a huge amount of content, and many of them are spread across the country or even the globe. An uncontrolled shared drive is no longer enough to manage corporate assets. A DAM offers much more than just a central place to organize content; it’s a way to manage rights, easily share and publish content. It ultimately saves a company a lot of time and effort previously spent searching for or re-creating content.

What is the best thing about DAM?

It translates to any industry, any users, and any content. DAM is not meant solely for large corporations or e-commerce companies. Everyone has digital content, whether you’re a small startup with a few dozen images or a global retailer with millions of products.

I’ve worked with digital assets ranging from photos of stoves and shoes to vehicles to makeup products to health videos. Today’s marketplace demands easy access to digital content for publishing information via several channels. Anyone can benefit from a DAM.

What is the number one problem that DAM helps solve?

Use of a well organized and maintained DAM can ultimately solve problems a company didn’t know they have by discovering content.

In the process of implementing a DAM, unknown digital content may be unearthed, or existing content that was unknown to a particular team may fill a gap in their needs. A DAM helps centralize content, so it will surely help individuals and teams discover things they didn’t know where already in-house. This, in turn, leads to savings in costs and time!

What advice would you give to people who are trying to get a digital asset management system in their organization?

Consider hiring a consultant or specialist to manage the implementation. This is especially true for new DAM and a little less so for companies switching solutions.

When a company decides to implement a DAM for the first time, there is a lot of groundwork to be laid and research and analysis of their content and user behavior to be completed. Many people might push this back as a simple task, but it’s crucial to creating a strong foundation for the future of their DAM.

Hire a consultant or project manager or service provider, like Brandobility, to help dig into the assets, search behaviors and user needs to develop a proper taxonomy and metadata schema. The benefit of building that strong foundation will be tenfold in the future. Trust me.

Do you have a favorite digital asset?

Some of the most interesting content I worked with was as a news archivist at Sinclair Broadcast Group. I worked with a growing library of b-roll that covered every possible topic, from world leaders to animals to history events. I got to spend a lot of time cataloging footage of great events and places!

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