Beyoncé has a DAM

Beyoncé has a DAM

Let’s be real. Digital asset management (DAM) does not sound sexy. When people think of DAM, they think of software systems, office interiors, conference rooms, and metadata schema.

It’s time to change that perception. While the concept itself might not be inherently sexy, what DAM can do for you and your brand is incredible. Because I am here to tell you that without a doubt, Beyoncé Knowles, one of the greatest stars in the world, has a DAM.

How do I know that Beyoncé has a DAM? She has one of the most tightly controlled images in the world, the Beyoncé brand, managed by a staff of marketing professionals that includes a full-time archivist.

You don’t have to be a fan to Queen Bey to respect her marketing prowess. She is the living embodiment of “on brand.” Everything that she produces, whether it’s a song, live show, video, Instagram post, or tweet, represents the brand in a carefully calculated way.

In fact, the 2013 release of her self-titled “visual album” – a move in which she secretly dropped an entire album with accompanying videos – made her the subject of a Harvard Business School case study that was published in August 2014. It’s twenty-seven pages about the megastar and her entertainment business Parkwood Entertainment.

In The Guardian’s article “Beyoncé’s Vogue cover shows just how her image control works,” Tshepo Mokoena comments “Image control is not a joke to this woman, who has built a career on a winning combination of seemingly southern warmth, unattainable sensuality and a back-breaking work ethic. She stands alone as a sort of pop enigma.”

Beyoncé might stand alone, but she doesn’t work alone. Parkwood Entertainment includes over twenty people to coordinate her marketing moves – and manage her DAM. In addition to the full-time archivist, she employs a visual director and often has a photographer or videographer trailing her to record her every move.

What happens to all that content? My bet is it’s meticulously catalogued and then entered into the DAM, or digital database, that has been described as “modeled loosely on NBC’s library.”

The takeaways here? Beyoncé has a bulletproof brand that she manages with a DAM. Beyoncé is smart. Be like Beyoncé – get yourself a DAM.

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