10 short questions that assess your DAM system needs

A key part of demoing DAM systems, writing a request for proposals, and evaluating providers is understanding why you need a DAM system. Looking at your current workflow is a great place to start.

The list of questions below is designed to get you thinking about how your assets are being handled from creation to distribution, and who is accessing them.

assessing DAM needs

The information you gain from this self-assessment will inform the use cases in your request for proposal and request for demo and be beneficial when you begin implementation. It will also help you prioritize requirements into “must-haves,” “nice-to-haves,” and “future needs.”

Prioritized requirements and user scenarios are key to finding a DAM system that meets your needs.

If you are using a DAM system already or want a more in-depth look at auditing your DAM system, check out the post How to effectively audit your Digital Asset Management software.

Basic questions

Auditing systems and workflows helps paint a picture of who handles assets along the way and what they do with them. For example, a graphic designer creates assets, and then puts them into a repository or sends them to someone. Somewhere along the way, the assets are approved and final versions are made. Where is the repository for final versions, or who receives the final assets?

10 questions to ask yourself and your stakeholders

  1. What type(s) of digital assets do you use?
  2. Who creates digital assets for your organization?
  3. Who approves digital assets?
  4. What happens to your assets once they are approved?
  5. Where are digital assets stored?
  6. If someone requests an asset, who fills the request? Identify all the parties involved.
  7. How are the digital assets delivered?
  8. How are use policies or copyright guidelines delivered?
  9. Where are original files or raw files stored?
  10. Where are expired assets stored?
  11. What are some things that have spun out of control in the creation, management, distribution, or preservation of digital assets in your organization?

You might want to map out your current workflow on a blackboard or pieces of paper. Seeing your current process as a whole is a great to determine who your users are, what areas of the current workflow are troublesome, where you want to see improvements, and where potential risks lie for losing assets.

assessing your DAM needs

Do you see any questions or considerations missing from the list? Add your suggestions in the comments.

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