Your DAM Role

Digital asset management (DAM) is not a program that should be isolated to one area of the workplace. It involves and affects people across departments and in many roles.

If you’re thinking about investing in a DAM system, or have already begun evaluating options, the following pages can add clarity to your decision-making process and offer insights as to how digital asset management software can help you and your coworkers.

The rest of the site will give you an idea of how digital asset management improves workflow, organization and even employee morale. It will also provide you with information you may need to help convince your boss or colleagues that you really need a DAM system.

What each department can expect from a DAM system:

Marketing: Digital asset management can help you find the digital assets you need and get them to those who need them. A DAM system can also assist in brand management and support revenue generation.

Creative: With DAM, you’ll have immediate access to digital assets, and usable content at your fingertips so you can focus on being creative instead of spending time resizing artwork, emailing files or searching for media.

Archivist: Digital assets become easy to organize, categorize and keep tabs on with a devoted management system.

Project Manager: DAM software streamlines your workflow by centralizing digital assets for your web, creative and asset management projects.

Executive: You’ll be able to make all your organization’s digital media visible, trackable and easily accessible. Use DAM to drive change and increase organization.

IT Professional: DAM is a secure solution to media-sharing and storage of digital assets.

In some organizations, each of these roles is clearly defined, while in others there’s a good amount of crossover. One of the great advantages of using a DAM system is the flexibility it offers in setting up roles and permissions, making it easy for you to work as efficiently as possible.

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