Learning about and shopping around for a digital asset management system can be a daunting task. There’s a lot you need to know—not just about DAM vendors, but about your own organization as well.

    That’s why we’ve put together this page. It brings together all the useful resources we can find (and some we built ourselves) to help you make the most informed DAM decision possible. Using a DAM system shouldn’t feel like a chore, so why should choosing one?

    Authoring an RFP – A guide to writing the most thorough RFP (and getting the most useful responses) possible.

    ROI Calculator – A tool to help you calculate your digital asset management return on investment.

    White Papers – A handful of short papers examining the benefits of digital asset management providing a means to actionable insights.

    DAM Tours – A couple different options for gaining some hands-on experience with a real life DAM system.

    News & Media – A bunch of links to other digital asset management industry social networks, news & blogs, research and analysis.

    Infographic – Digital Asset Management – A must have for your organization

    Additionally, the rest of our site is packed with useful information specially tailored to address the top concerns of four key roles in any organization: Marketers, Executives, IT Pros and Creatives.

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