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We believe that the demo is one of the most important elements of evaluating a digital asset management (DAM) system. It’s an opportunity to get inside, see how it works and determine if the functionality meets your needs. On this page, you can expect the following:

  • An opportunity to learn about demo basics, including explanation of the ever-important use cases,
  • A hassle-free demo opportunity, complete with preloaded digital assets, and
  • Introduction to full DAM and DAM-lite software solutions.

Demo basics

The most important part of a demo is to approach it with a set of use cases specific to your organization’s digital asset management needs.

Use cases, also referred to as user scenarios, are short, straightforward examples of how people currently or will handle digital assets in your organization. For example, “Angela is a marketing associate who organizes campaigns that span the company’s website, blog and social media channels. She needs a central place to store related digital assets, like images and videos, and make them accessible to the people who will publish them. How can she do that with your DAM system?”

Scenarios don’t need to be long, but they do need to be specific. Providing scenarios before a demo with a DAM provider can help you evaluate whether a system can really work for your team. Although seeing the highlights and features of a DAM system in action is helpful, without specific scenarios in place there’s no way to accurately determine if the system meets your specific digital asset management needs.

More information about the evaluation process, use cases and the Request for Demo (RFD) process is available in our RFD resource.

Try digital asset management without the hassle

In addition to a demo experience, you may be offered a guest pass, also referred to as a sandbox or bake-off. It’s an opportunity to get into a system to play and build things, or test systems against each other with the same set of ingredients.

Whether or not your use cases are ready, we invite you to jump into a DAM system and try it out without the sales pitch. You’ll have access to many features in the Media Collective, which is a comprehensive solution with all the core functionality you’d expect from a solid DAM system.

Register here to enter the “” Media Collective site. is a demo site and also the repository used to house the images, videos and whitepapers associated with This video gives an overview of what to expect and some suggestions of what to try within the site.

Feel free to search, upload and download digital assets. Don’t worry, you won’t break anything, so enjoy experimenting.

Full-service DAM and DAM lite

There are a range of DAM solutions available, depending on your needs. Widen offers two different options for small business and enterprise needs. The Media Collective is classified as a full-service, and Smartimage is a DAM-lite option. As a full-service Digital Asset Management system, Media Collective is appropriate for medium to large businesses. Smartimage is designed to be an easy solution for smaller teams. Both products offer free trials, and staff are available to answer questions anytime.

The wrap-up

As always, feel free to contact anytime. We’re happy to answer your questions or help in any way we can. We’d also like to include the following resources to help you navigate the DAM adoption path.

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